With its strategy for the mining of nickel-cobalt and manganese, recycling copper from mine waste and extracting lithium and cathode metals from end-of-life electric vehicle batteries, it plans to be a sustainable and low cost raw materials supplier to the green energy transition.

About Us

Altilium Metals is headquartered in United Kingdom and has a unique exposure to battery metals with a portfolio currently holding:

  • An operating high grade Manganese mine in Indonesia
  • A Solvent Extraction-Electrowinning (SX-EW) plant in Bulgaria for recycling copper from mine waste and tailings
  • A unique one-step recycling process to extract critical metals from end-of-life Electric Vehicle batteries
  • Final stage acquisition of a Nickel-Cobalt mine in Indonesia

Altilium Metals vision is to develop recycling technologies for mine waste and end-of-life lithium ion batteries to build a circular economy, so that the significant amount of metals needed for the energy transition already used in products and technologies are recycled at high rates of recovery.

Our strong operational experience in our markets allows us to navigate the barriers of entry with mining permits, operations and community relations. We have strong support from our local communities where we operate and have a well defined Corporate Social Responsibility program. All mining is performed in an environmentally conscious way with mine rehabilitation to an international standard.

Latest News

Latest News