With our strategy for recycling spent electric vehicle batteries for lithium, nickel and cobalt and extracting copper from mine waste, we plan to bring energy security to the UK and Europe and reduce their dependency on technology metals from countries with poor human rights.

What We Are

Altilium Metals is a UK based green technology group decarbonising the electric vehicle supply chain and supporting the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon.

We are recovering critical metals from waste already in circulation and promoting a circular economy under 3 business pillars:

Building Hydrometallurgical
Li-ion Battery Recycling Capacity

  • Retrofit of existing SX-EW plant in Europe to recycle battery waste from 24,000 MT electric vehicles per year starting late 2023.
  • Teesside Recycling Plant transforming battery waste from over 150,000 electric vehicles direct to Cathode Active Material, currently the largest planned for the UK.

Recycling Technology

  • We are investing heavily in R&D and developing our own recycling technologies.
  • We have over £3 million in UK Government Innovation awards to scale up a proprietary recycling process to extract strategic metals from spent electric vehicle batteries.
  • At our EV Battery Recycling Technology Centre, we are the only company in the UK recovering critical metals from black mass. Our demonstration line allows us to categorise feedstock, produce samples and scale-up technologies for commercial plants.

Eastern Europe’s Largest Copper Tailings Resource

  • Our Medet waste recycling initiative avoids the negative impacts of traditional copper hard rock mining. As the project recycles historic mine tailings, it will clean up the contaminated site and provide an important source of Copper to a European battery Industry for anode current collectors as well as electric motors and charging stations.

Latest News

Latest News