With its strategy for extracting copper from mine tailings, recycling spent electric vehicle batteries and mining of nickel and manganese, it plans to bring energy security to the UK and Europe, reduce their dependency on technology metals from countries with poor human rights and stabilize raw material costs.

What We Are

Altilium Metals is a UK based green technology group supporting the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon. We have over £2 million in UK Government Innovation awards to scale up a proprietary recycling process to extract strategic metals from spent electric vehicle batteries and support a UK electrified automotive supply chain.

Altilium Metals has a unique exposure to battery metals with a portfolio holding:

  • A hydrometallurgical plant in Europe for recycling copper from mine tailings and critical metals from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries.
  • Newly opened EV Battery Recycling Technology Centre in the UK to develop materials technologies and perform testing, analysis and product optimisation.
  • Largest copper rich tailings resource in Eastern Europe.
  • Operating high-grade Manganese mine and a greenfield 4,944 Ha Nickel Mine in Indonesia.

Battery production will continue to rely heavily on mined materials to meet the growing demand for renewable energy storage, however recycling or “urban mining” will play an important part in supplying a portion of these materials to enable a closed-loop supply chain.

Our strong operational experience in our markets allows us to navigate the barriers of entry with mining permits, operations and community relations. We have strong support from our local communities where we operate and have a well defined Corporate Social Responsibility program. All mining is performed in an environmentally conscious way with mine rehabilitation to an international standard.

Latest News

Latest News