Mission Statement

Altilium Metals creates wealth from the mining and processing of Metals used for Clean Energy storage systems. It’s mission is to achieve this with integrity and in a socially responsible manner by balancing the return to investors with the protection of social welfare, human health and the natural environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement PT Mandala Erakovic

To build a relationship based on honesty, openness and mutual trust with the community in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia, PT Mandala Erakovic has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement focussed on three pillars, Economic, Social and Environmental best practice.

Economic Focus

  • To offer openness and transparency on basic economic data of the company including profits and all facts influencing the environment.
  • To offer secure employment with good social welfare benefits to the population of NTT and in areas suffering from high unemployment.
  • By its economic power, PT Mandala Erakovic will constitute a stabilising element in the region and helps resolve the problems of local urban and rural communities.
  • Procurement will focus, where possible on local suppliers and service providers
  • PT Mandala Erakovic will contribute to government budgets in form of taxes and other charges.

Social Focus

  • Distribution and sharing of wealth under PT Mandala Erakovic CSR Programs to be developed in conjunction with the local community. Over the lifetime of the mine specific programs will focus on development of regional infrastructure, support to local community and leaders, enhancing education levels in the local community as well as human health and social welfare initiatives.
  • The highest priority is friendly communication with the neighbouring towns and villages and to actively cooperate with the regional office and chambers of government to create a positive image of PT Mandala Erakovic.
  • Assess and manage risks associated with our operation to employees, contractors, visitors and the environment.
  • Fair and open employment policies.

Environmental Focus

  • The company’s mission is not just the excavation and processing of Metals for Clean Energy Storage, but to compensate for the natural sources it exploits by cleaning up the consequences of its mining activities by setting targets that include sustainable use of natural resources and water, effective waste management, minimizing air pollution and noise and polices to care for the environment.
  • The thorough preparation and implementation of re-landscaping and restoring environmental stability on completion of mining is one of Altilium Metals key commitments as well as education and communication to the community on actions in Land Reclamation.