To make great leaps in technology development to allow the world to reach net-zero and rapidly decarbonize economies, we need to better reflect the diverse nature of the world.

Altilium Metals recognises the importance of building a diverse community. In developing recycling technologies and supplying critical metals to the energy transition, we realise promoting and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is integral to achieving this mission.

To ensure that we can change the world for the better and make our contribution to net-zero; we are guided by the following principles.

  • We will seek to understand the challenges and barriers to equality in order to eliminate discrimination, creating an environment where differences are valued.
  • We will promote a culture of inclusion, recognising and celebrating difference and acknowledging the benefits achieved by diversity of thought and experience.
  • We will create a safe, non-judgemental space where we can discuss arising issues relating to equality, diversity and inclusion and support one another to understand and acknowledge a range of perspectives.
  • We will embed equality, diversity and inclusion across all levels of Altilium Metals and in everything that we do.
  • We will educate our community and raise awareness in all areas relating to equality, diversity.