Battery Chemicals

  • The medium term plan is to focus on processing the Nickel and Cobalt and Manganese ores from group mines in Indonesia to produce battery grade chemicals.
  • As part of a strategy to establish a strategic portfolio of mining assets in Indonesia to provide security of supply and feedstock to a future processing plant Altilium Metals is securing mine equity and off-takes.
  • Altilium Metals has signed a MOU with PT Stern for the supply of up to 3,000 MT per month of Manganese ore from PT Mandala Erakovic. PT Stern is developing a downstream business focusing on the concentration of manganese ore and the production of ultra-high purity manganese battery chemicals. Altilium will have options for cross shareholding in the stern processing plant basis its supply of feedstock
  • Mining is being requested to PT Stern’s proprietary ECO Mining requirements which is a best in class eco-mining standard developed with the automotive industry which PT Mandala Erakovic will look to adopt as future best practice.