Battery Chemicals

  • The medium term plan is to focus on processing the Nickel and Cobalt and Manganese ores from group mines in Indonesia to produce battery grade chemicals.
  • Altilium Metals has signed a MOU with PT Stern for the supply of up to 3,000 MT per month of Manganese ore from PT Mandala Erakovic. PT Stern is developing a downstream business focusing on the concentration of manganese ore and the production of ultra-high purity manganese battery chemicals. Altilium will have options for cross shareholding in the stern processing plant basis its supply of feedstock
  • Mining is being requested to PT Stern’s proprietary ECO Mining requirements which is a best in class eco-mining standard developed with the automotive industry which PT Mandala Erakovic will look to adopt as future best practice.

High Carbon Ferromanganese

The PT ME ore is ideally suited for manganese alloy production as is high grade with manganese to iron ratio of 75 to 1 and easily reducible.

Xram, an Engineering Consulting Company and global experts in pyro metallurgical processing has performed a detailed Feasibility Study for a Ferro alloy smelter.


  • Phase 1: 12 MVA submerged arc furnace:
    • Smelt 42,840 MT/year to PT ME Ore to Produce 23,863 MT/year of High Quality 78%HCFeMn
    • Sales price 78% HCFeMn USD 1409/MT, profit margin 28%.
  • Expansion allows for up to 4 furnaces.
  • Synergies exist in shared facilities with planned Mn, Ni-Co HPAL Battery Metals Plant.