The transition to net zero is threatened by the vulnerability of the supply chains for Technology Metals, few of which are produced or processed in the United Kingdom and Europe. To ensure that we keep the green recovery on track, we have established a Vision Statement with clear goals:

  • Bring Energy Security to the UK and Europe: we should take advantage of the metals that we have in our phones, computers, cars and in other waste streams like mine tailings and recover that value to a high efficiency and low carbon impact.
  • Reduce Dependence of Metals from Countries in Conflict and Poor Human Rights: Provide the world with an alternative source of Nickel to Russia and Cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Stabilise Raw Material Costs: to accelerate the point at which battery prices fall below $100/kWh where electric vehicles are cost-competitive with ICE vehicles increasing adoption and reducing pollution.
  • Technology as a Solution: embracing and developing new technologies aimed at tackling the impending climate crisis.
  • Sustainable Mining: We acknowledge approx. 80% of the critical metals needed for the energy transition in the short-medium term will come from mining, but we aim to make mining sustainable, both for people and for the environment where we operate.