Our Environmental Approach

We acknowledge that the nature of our operations can have an impact on the environment. We seek to avoid, minimise and mitigate adverse environmental impacts at every stage in the lifecycle of our operational activities.


According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) a mid century zero carbon world will require a six-fold increase in the production of critical metals. Altilium realises in the short to medium term the minerals required for the energy transition will originate from mining, but a key strategy of the group is to create a green approach to mining that adheres to environmentally conscious standards. All environmental rehabilitation and repurposing of mining assets will be done to the best international practice to protect citizens and the environment. Our operations are in legal jurisdictions with strong labor and human rights legislations.


The goal of the group is to be a carbon neutral mining business and build a circular economy so that the significant amount of metals needed for the energy transition which are already being used in products and technologies will be recycled. Altilium strategy is to shift the business in the medium term from the mining of critical minerals to “urban mining”, the extraction of minerals from used EV batteries.


In addition, one main focus of our business is to recycle mine waste and extract important metals needed for the energy transition, removes toxins from the soil and make mining more sustainable.